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Contact me through Skype if you want to learn Spanish or improving the knowledge you already have of this language.

The first lesson is gratis.


Conversation lessons using Skype For those who want to learn Spanish but do not have the time to attend a regular course in their home town, as those offered in Częstochowa by the schools listed in the bookmarks bar, or just prefer to learn Spanish from the comfort of his or her own room, we offer the opportunity to practice conversation or even follow a whole regular course via the Internet using Skype.

Review of paper works We also provide services of reviewing and correcting all sort of graduate papers, class works, theses, etc. for students of Spanish Philology.

Classes in small groups: We offer private Spanish lessons or Spanish lessons for groups of no more than four students, which provide a maximum attention to the individual needs of each one of them.

Spanish Lessons at the workplace: Spanish and Latin American entrepreneurs living in Czestochowa, and Polish companies in the region interested in providing language training for their employees, can also contact me for Spanish lessons in the company locations. We would adapt to the hours of the company, or we can arrange a regular course at the premises of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, SAS.


In addition to teaching Text Translation, Consecutive Translation and Interpretation to students of Translation and Interpretation of the faculty of English-Spanish philology of the Akademia Polonijna in Częstochowa (many of whom already work in their own translation agencies) since 1992 we have been working occasionally with various Polish translation agencies. You can access to our Spanish translation services through these agencies by contacting the ones mentioned in the bookmarks bar. Customers interested in our translation services can find more information on the conditions of the services we offer visiting TranslatorsCafé. But if you want to negotiate better terms, you can contact us directly via skype, or writing to

Text TranslationPolish - Spanish
translation: 09 USD , p. 1800 characters
proofreading : 07 USD , p. 1500 characters
English - Spanish
translation: 12 USD, p. 1800 characters
Proofreading : 07 USD, p. 1500 character
Russian - Spanish
translation: 14 USD, p. 1800 characters
proofreading : 08 USD, p. 1500 characters

Interpreting Two translators will translate, each to his mother tongue, the interventions of the speakers.
Polish-Spanish, Spanish-Polishi: 30 USD per hour

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